If you want to take your dog or cat to a country that is a member of the EU the following steps apply:

1) Your pet will need to be microchipped.

2) Your pet will need to be vaccinated against Rabies. The vaccine we use is licensed for use from 3 months of age.

3) Your pet will then need a Pet Passport which we can issue.

4) There is a mandatory waiting period of 21 days from the day after the date of the Rabies vaccination before your pet can leave the UK.

5) Before re-entry to the UK , dogs must also be treated for tapeworms by a vet not less than 24 hours and not more than 5 days before entering the UK. The vet must record this on the passport.

Please note the following:

If you intend to continue to take your pet abroad, Rabies booster vaccinations are required.

We strongly advise you discuss your travel plans with us at least 3 months beforehand so we can arrange preventative treatment against exotic diseases.

In some circumstances additional commercial rules can apply and so please always discuss your plans and requirements with us well in advance.

If you are planning on taking your pet to a non-EU country,

We strongly advise you discuss your travel plans with us at least 6 months in advance so that together we can ensure your pet fulfils the entry requirements pertinent to that country; some countries have very complex and detailed requirements that require a lot of forward planning.